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Online Examination Software

Online Exam Software

Online Examination Software is a cloud based Exam Management system which helps you to create, conduct and manage online exams with its user friendly interface. As we know that in schools, colleges, coaching and any other educational institutes, printed materials and stationeries are used to conduct exams which consume lots of manpower money and time. But with the help of this web based examination software one can auto mate the process of conducting exams. Online examinations can be conducted at any time and does not incur higher cost as traditional exam scenario as there is no paper work involved.

Online Examination Software is useful to all of the following:

  • Universities and Educational Institutes: For Entrance Exams, Internal Tests, etc.
  • Corporate : For campus and lateral hiring
  • E-learning organizations; For Online Pre-tests, Post-tests, etc
  • Training Institutions to conduct practice tests for Entrance Exams like CAT, GMAT, banking, etc.

Online Examination Software is valuable to anyone who needs to make and conduct PC based exams over the Internet or Intranet. Online Examination Software is a consequence of our three decade of involvement in the scholarly space broadly and universally, which makes it the most proficient and practical exam administration arrangement accessible in the business sector.