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SSL Authentication

Common SSL verification or authentication based common verification alludes to two gatherings validating each other through confirming the gave advanced testament so that both sides are guaranteed of the others' character. In innovation terms, it alludes to a customer (web program or customer application) validating themselves to a server (site or server application) and that server moreover validating itself to the customer through confirming the public key authentication/advanced certificate issued by the trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs). Since validation depends on computerized declarations, confirmation powers, for example, Verisign or Microsoft Certificate Server are a vital part of the common verification process.

In SSL authentication, the client is presented with a server’s certificate, the client computer might try to match the server’s CA against the client’s list of trusted CAs. If the issuing CA is trusted, the client will verify that the certificate is authentic and has not been tampered with.

Authentication Generates Trust in Credentials

Trust of a credential depends on confidence in the credential issuer, because the issuer vouches for the credential's authenticity.Certificate Authorities use a variety of authentication methods to verify information provided by organizations. Symantec, the leading Certificate Authority, is well known and trusted by browser vendors because of our rigorous authentication methods and highly reliable infrastructure. Browsers extend that trust to SSL Certificates issued by Symantec.

Extend Protection beyond HTTPS

NEOX E-Commerce SSL Certificates offer more services to protect your site and grow your online business. Our combination of SSL, vulnerability assessment and daily website malware scanning helps you provide site visitors with a safer online experience and extend security beyond https to your public-facing web pages. The Norton Secured Seal and Symantec Seal-in-Search technology help assure your customers that your site is safe from search to browse to buy.


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